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We are proud of the efforts and achievements of all Minnesota Excellence in Public Service Series Alumnae, Fellows and Board Members. Here are just a few of the accomplishments of women who have completed our Fellowship program in recent years:

  • Endorsed candidate for Lt. Governor

  • Candidate for Governor

  • Candidate for Congress

  • Endorsed candidate for State Auditor

  • Elected to Minnesota Senate

  • Elected to Minnesota House of Representatives

  • Elected to Majority and Minority Leadership positions in the Minnesota House

  • Elected as  State Party (MNGOP) Chair, Deputy Chair, and Secretary

  • Elected as Congressional District Party Chairs & for local Party leadership positions

  • Elected as Mayors, City Council Members, School Board Members, etc.

  • Appointed to state boards and local advisory commissions

  • Founding leaders of Political Action Committees (PACs)

  • Campaign Managers for local, state and federal campaigns

  • Host of conservative talk radio programming

  • Business owners, published authors, keynote speakers, consultants

  • and more!

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